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Myotis brandtii/mystacinus
Head – Body 45-48mm. Wingspan 210-240mm. Weight 4-8gms.

These two species have to be lumped together because of the almost impossible job of separating them in the field.

A close examination of the slight differences in the shape of the tragus (inside the ear) and the penis is needed to give a definite identification. The Whiskered bat is the more common of the two in Nottinghamshire with several known summer roosts.

Nursery roosts are usually in buildings or bat boxes with the winter spent in caves or other underground places. Brandt’s use similar sites for their nursery roosts but are much rarer in Nottinghamshire.

One definite and two probable nursery roosts are known, all in buildings. Only one whiskered bat winter roost, in a cave, has been found in Nottinghamshire.