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Nyctalus noctula
Head – Body 70-82mm. Wingspan 330-450mm. Weight 18-40gms

This large, golden-coloured bat is another species which has a scattered distribution in Nottinghamshire.

They are very powerful and fast flyers and feed out in the open over meadows and make many steep dives to catch their insect prey. They are one of the first bats to emerge in the evening and can often be seen well before sunset. Their call is very loud and can be picked up by a detector (set at about 22 kHz) when the bat is still some distance away.

Noctules are essentially a tree dweller and often re-use old woodpecker holes for their roosts, both summer and winter. The male will attract a harem of females (up to 20 but usually less) in the autumn with shrill calls and a strong odour.

Roosts have been found in trees at six sites in Nottinghamshire and they are also often found in bat boxes.