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  • Bat boxes and barbastelles at Foxcovert

    Bat boxes and barbastelles at Foxcovert

    On Sunday 9th May, five Nottinghamshire Bat Group members visited Foxcovert Plantation near Calverton to monitor our existing bat box scheme. The day began with members inspecting bat boxes for... Continue reading

  • Work gets off the ground for NBG’s new flight cage!

    Work gets off the ground for NBG’s new flight cage!

    Exciting news; we have the beginnings of our very own flight cage! Flight cages are an essential part of bat rehabilitation. They provide a secure space to fly sick or... Continue reading

  • Bat Box Scheme update

    Bat Box Scheme update

    Two of our newly installed bat box schemes are now being used by bats. At Bramcote Hills Park Pippistrelle bats have been using the boxes and at Foxcovert Plantation Brown... Continue reading

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    Happy Halloween!

    Download our free bat-themed Halloween colouring pack here.                

  • In February, Brenda the brown long-eared bat was rescued from a garden in Balderton. Weighing just 6g, she was found lying on the ground, half-frozen. After being cared for by Alex, Brenda weighed a healthy 11g and was successfully released by Lynn 5 weeks later in the back garden in which she was found.

    NBG Pup-date 2020

    This year has proved to be a difficult time for all of us; bats included. Alex Chapple, one of our Bat Care Assistants, gives us an update on 2020’s bat... Continue reading

  • Bat boxes at Foxcovert Plantation

    Bat boxes at Foxcovert Plantation

    On Sunday, 25th October, we installed 18 bat boxes at Foxcovert Plantation; a Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust site near Calverton. An assortment of CJM, standard, Kent and hibernation boxes were installed.... Continue reading

  • Bat boxes at Besthorpe

    Bat boxes at Besthorpe

    On Sunday, 18th October, three NBG members installed a total of 26 bat boxes at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Besthorpe Nature Reserve as part of the new Trent Vale Trail. The... Continue reading

  • The Bats of Ploughman Wood

    The Bats of Ploughman Wood

    We hosted a zoom talk on Monday evening on the Bats of Ploughman Wood by Michael Walker.  A bat box scheme was begun in the wood in 2014 and Michael... Continue reading

  • Saving Nottinghamshire’s Bats film

    Saving Nottinghamshire’s Bats film

    Anna, a student from the University of Nottingham, student contacted Nottinghamshire Bat Group for help with one of her university projects. Anna, who is studying biological photography and imaging, filmed... Continue reading

  • New bat box schemes

    New bat box schemes

    During the summer of 2019 it was decided that the group should put up new bat box schemes around the county. To do this the group has undertaken to build... Continue reading