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  • Midland Bat Conference

    Midland Bat Conference

    Last Saturday was BCT’s bi-annual Midland conference. It was a sunny day with a turnout (around 20 from the NBG) and lots of familiar faces. The morning was chaired by... Continue reading

  • A busy year for talks and walks

    A busy year for talks and walks

    Because bats are associated with Halloween we often get asked to undertake talks and walks for the public and various interest groups at this time of year. Of course we’re... Continue reading

  • Radio tracking Leisler’s bats

    Radio tracking Leisler’s bats

    In late May and early June Nottinghamshire Bat Group radio-tagged and radio-tracked two Leisler’s bats Nyctalus leisleri in and around Clumber Park with the aim of identifying the first ‘natural’... Continue reading

  • Surveying churches for bats training

    Surveying churches for bats training

    One of the objectives of our Heritage Lottery funded ‘EchoLocation Location’ project is to increase the skill levels within the group. Over the course of the project we have been... Continue reading

  • Filling in the blanks

    Filling in the blanks

    A team of surveyors from the Bat Group visited four unrecorded tetrads on the west of the county last night and found bats in all of them The locations were along... Continue reading

  • Three years of Nathusius’ pipistrelle monitoring

    Three years of Nathusius’ pipistrelle monitoring

    Nottinghamshire Bat Group is about to embark on its fourth summer as part of the Bat Conservation Trust National Nathusius’ Pipistrelle Project. On this day three years ago, at Attenborough... Continue reading

  • Center Parcs bat boxes

    Center Parcs bat boxes

    The Center Parcs holiday village is one of the best sites in the county for bats as it has a great range of habitats so beloved by this group.  The... Continue reading

  • Successful bat release

    Successful bat release

    Tonight saw the successful release of a bat (named Bryany), a little soprano pipistrelle, who was found by members of the public. They contacted the Bat Group and one of our members picked her... Continue reading

  • EchoLocation Location project update

    EchoLocation Location project update

    Our Heritage Lottery funded Echolocation Location project is well on it’s was to meet our minimum recording target of 80% of the tetrads (2km x 2 km squares) in Nottinghamshire.  With some... Continue reading

  • Serotine back in Notts?

    Serotine back in Notts?

    The serotine Eptesicus serotinus is one of the UK’s largest bat species. They mainly roost in buildings, particularly old buildings, and are rarely found in trees. They mainly eat flies, moths,... Continue reading